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NvesToro is a leader in online short / mid term investments. Our clients are earning outstanding returns while paying 0% fees or maintenance costs. We are happy to serve members from all over the world. In case you contact us, our friendly support will assist you in 24 hours!

Websites Features

Our system is completely custom made, working with several currencies at once, incl. USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ...

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Security Features

We provide bank level protection for your data & funds. We use a high end Comodo SSL for data encryption.

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Service Protection

Our website is hosted on fastest OVH Servers, with the world's best Enterprise DDoS Protection from Cloudflare.

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Friendly Support

Our support is here to help you with all of your quesitons. Just contact us by E-Mail, Live Chat, Telegram.

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  • How can I earn money with NvesToro ?

    All you need to do to earn money is to register and deposit money. The hard work is done by our specialists, traders and AI robots. They analyze and act on market changes to deliver the promised returns for your investment. You can see the details of your deposits, earnings and withdrawals inside your account area.

  • Is it possible to earn without investing ?

    Yes! You can also earn money without any deposit, by participating in our referral program, which pays you 3% of every deposit your affiliates make. You will also get paid if your referral makes a deposit from their account balance!

  • Who can create an account ?

    Anyone from any jurisdiction can create an account with NvesToro! We work with clients from all over the world!

  • How many accounts can I create ?

    Whilst you can create any number of accounts, each account must have a separate email address, and separate payment system details. In case you are creating multiple accounts for the intention of cheating with our affiliate program for additional gains, your accounts can be frozen.

  • Can I deposit by one payment method and withdraw to another ?

    We do NOT support conversion between payment system balances. If you deposit by for example Perfect Money, you will be paid in Perfect Money, and that cannot be converted.

  • What payment methods are available ?

    We work with Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.

  • Are there any hidden fees ?

    We do not add any hidden fees to the deposits / withdrawals! All of the transactions are without fees. There could be payment system fees for the transactions, which are out of our control. For example Perfect Money charges you to send money, Payeer charges you to receive.

  • How fast are withdrawals processed ?

    Withdrawals are processed in exactly 12 hours after request. The 12 hours is the review time to see if there are any hacking attempt against your account, or to find if there are any cheaters who try to gain additional unfair advantage with our referral program.

  • Do you process withdrawals on weekends ?

    Yes, withdrawals are processed automatically, 12 hours after request, even on weekends!

  • Is there a partnership program ?

    Yes, we offer 3% affiliate commission for all deposits you refer to NvesToro. This even applies for deposits made from account balance!